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Treasures of Art Toronto 2013

Art Toronto, the 2013 Toronto International Art Fair had its 14th annual gathering last weekend, Oct. 25 to 28, and the rouse magazine team was there, looking for galleries displaying works of art with a message.

Upon entering the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, a large art installation was hanging from the ceiling. It represented all the artists whose art was displayed at the event. Each black and white portrait was placed in a red frame, giving the installation visual interest and impact. The piece, ALL THE ARTISTS ARE HERE was created by Thom Sokoloski. It connected the international artists into one element, while still reflecting their individuality. And this was just one of the many unique creations we came across that day.

While walking among the many gallery stalls, we came across a neon flashing Mahatma Ghandi, winking right at us. It captured our interest, and so we spoke with Christopher Lacroix of Georgia Scherman Projects (133 Tecumseth St.), who explained to us the distinct message behind artist Divya Mehra’s piece ‘I will split up my father’s empire (after N.W.A).

Along with the neon sculpture, Mehra photographed the unique contrast between her own parents. In the work, ‘The Pleasure in Hating,’ her parents are seen sitting on a sofa, in a casual environment, while wearing different coloured shirts. Mehra’s father is wearing a blue sweater with Pakistan written across the chest, while her mother, has the word ‘India’ written on her red sweater.

Here, Lacroix explains the message behind the piece.

– Vida Korhani & Kristin Eliason


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